Uncommon Pest Control Services


Although the vast majority of spiders are without a doubt beneficial insects due to their habits of preying upon other insects including real and genuine pests, we understand that many people are phobic to a greater or lesser extent. If you really phobic to spiders and you are getting more than just a few then give us a call to discuss the options for control.


These insects are about 1/4 inch long and silver coloured and can be found anywhere but especially where it is damp, as they require a high humidity. A female will only lay about 20 eggs in her lifetime, depositing them in cracks and crevices and the young resemble the adults. They can be treated very successfully with a professional residual insecticide.

Dust Mites

Almost every home in the UK has unwanted lodgers – the common dust mite. You can’t see them because they’re so small, but it is estimated that the average mattress is home to around 2 million dust mites and they along with their faeces are the source of an allergic reaction to many people in the UK. We offer a fumigation treatment for your mattress that will kill dust mites giving you peace of mind for up to 6 months.


Moles are a Pest because of the damage they do to lawns as they dig their tunnels. Molehills and mole ridges spoil lawns and flower beds, while their tunnelling damages the roots of young plants and exposes stones that can damage garden machinery. Little can be done to prevent moles from entering your property - all that can be done is to eradicate the problem once they have appeared.