get rid of squirrels

Squirrel Removal Services in Leicester

Squirrels can look very cute but they are very destructive pests. If they get into your loft they can cause untold havoc!

I tend to hear noises in my loft in the morining between approximately 5am and 7am - is this likely to be Squirrels ?

Yes !

Why have I got Squirrels in my home, office, of factory?

Squirrels are constantly foraging for food and safe, warm harbourage - your loft can be the perfect place!

Aren't Squirrels pretty harmless really ?

Squirrels are voracious gnawers and can eat through timber, electric wires - pretty much anything really - they may look cute but you wouldn't want one in your loft!

If we get rid of this one Squirrel, wont another one come in ?

Our experience is that this is not the case provided the point of ingress is located and secured and your roof line is in good condition generally

Will you remove the Squirrels from my property humanely ?

Yes - by law, all Pest Control HAS to be carried out humanely