Flies Pest Control in Leicester

Flies will feed from faeces, then food and then back again which can cause bacterial transfer. This is from the hairs on their feet and also from the way they vomit onto their food before eating it – yuk!

Fruit Fly Pest Control

get rid of flies

FRUIT FLIES are very common in warmer weather, they are very small and will hover around over ripe fruit in your fruit bowl. If you dispose of the fruit, these flies should go away, but if they linger a fumigation treatment will sort them out

Cluster Fly Pest Control

CLUSTER FLIES are also quite common in our area and can become a problem in your loft if left unchecked as they can develop into vast colonies.

Brampest Can Help with you Fly Problem

There are several different species of fly that can be a real nuisance - please call to discuss options.