Carpet Bettle Exterminator in Leicester

It’s the larvae which cause damage to silk, wool, fur and textiles.

get rid of carpet beetles Look for creamy white grubs with a coating of hair or ladybird like adults with brown and cream spots. They are around all year but more common from April to June. They love dark places under furniture and along skirting boards.

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Frequently Asked Carpet Beetle Pest control Questions

Why have I got a Carpet Beetle problem ?

If you have a birds nest on or near your property they may come from this although there can be serveral reasons

How can I tell I have a problem ?

If you are seeing adult carpet beetle regularly then the problem is advanced - most people get textile damage before they see the adult beetles so it is best to act fast!

Is it caused by my house being dirty ?

This is not the reason you get Carpet Beetles - although it is often advisable to check all the dark hidden places for textile damage

Is the treatment Safe ?

It is entirely safe for you and your family

Does the treatment smell/stain ?

The treatment does not stain and is odourless unlike some amateur products

How long will the treatment take ?

Depends on the size of your property but around an hour

Do I have to leave my house after the treatment ?

After the treatment you must remain out of the treated rooms for 1 hour