Household Pest Control Services in Leicester

+ Rats and Mice

get rid of mice

Rats and Mice are common household pests, which can reproduce quickly and become a major headache. Our team of pest control experts in Leicester can resolve this problem quickly and help prevent it re-occurring.

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+ Wasps and Bees

wasp nest removal Wasps, on the whole are useful, they eat garden pests such as greenfly however they can become a real hazard in some situations.

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get rid of ants

+ Ants & Ant Nests

Ants are relatively harmless but can be alarming in large numbers, especially in your kitchen!

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+ Squirrels

get rid of squirrelsSquirrels can look very cute but they are very destructive pests. If they get into your loft they can cause untold havoc!

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get rid of fliesFlies will feed from faeces, then food and then back again which can cause bacterial transfer.

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+ Bed Bugs

get rid of bedbugsThere is an now an epedemic of Bedbugs in the UK - they are usually detected by the really itchy bites they leave on the upper part of your body.

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+ Clothes Moths

get rid of clothes mothsAdults tend to be small and golden in colour and tend to hop rather than fly.

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+ Carpet Beetles

get rid of carpet beetlesIt’s the larvae which cause damage to silk, wool, fur and textiles.

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+ Fleas

get rid of fleas The most common household fleas are cat fleas but are also common on dogs and birds.

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+ Cockroaches

get rid of cockroaches These fast moving insects have long antennae and flat oval bodies.

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